Special Bite Size Buffet

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(This buffet is a new addition to our range. It was ordered for a "swearing-in" of Magistrates at the Wallasey Town Hall on The Wirral.

We can tailor this type of menu to suit your requirements. Prices available on request.)

Bite Size Sandwiches
(Freshly made. While & Brown bread filled with, York Ham & Mustard - Egg & Cress - Tuna & Cucumber - Cheese & Onion)

(Mushrooms - Turkey - Ham - Cheese & Onion - Prawn)

Asparagus Roll
(Buttered brown bread filled with asparagus)

Smoked Salmon Roll
(Buttered brown bread filled with smoked salmon)

(Cheese & Broccoli - Spanish)

(Cut into bite-size pieces)

Ritz Crackers
(Buttered and topped with: Smoked Salmon - Prawns - Ardennes Pate - Creamed Cheese)

Cheese & Pineapple on sticks
Sweet Pickled Onions
Nuts & Crisps
Assorted cakes
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